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Artwork Guidelines

At ProjectPrint Group, we provide clear instructions on file formats, resolution, colour modes, and other essential details to optimize your artwork for the best print results. Whether you're a seasoned designer or new to the printing world, our artwork guidelines will empower you to create stunning and print-ready designs. Save time, avoid potential issues, and unlock the full potential of your artwork with our easy-to-follow guidelines. Trust us to bring your visions to life with precision and clarity - explore our artwork guidelines now for a seamless printing experience.

Guidelines for Printing Artwork

We only accept Artwork files as High Res Pdfs.
Artwork Files must include:
  • All colours converted to CMYK  (Unless a Spot colour job)

  • Crop Marks

  • Artwork supplied at 100% size

  • Minimum 5 mm bleed where images or colour runs to edge

  • We recommend type is kept a minimum of 3mm inside of all edges

  • Spot UV areas cannot bleed or go to edge

  • Photos and Illustration resolution 300dpi

  • Dyelines set to "OVERPRINT"

  • Supply Artwork as pdf files

We Recommend:
  • Checking final pdf in Adobe Acrobat Professional

  • Advanced Menu - Print Production - Output Preview

  • Simulate: - Overprinting Box Checked

  • Show: - Select Device CMYK

  • If using a dyeline: - Untick Dyeline (Spot Colour) to ensure dyeline is not reversing out of background

  • Proofs are not available on 24hour Express Products

  • Pdf Proofs are supplied for all other products

  • Hard proofs must be ordered when requesting quotation

  • All proofs supplied must be signed and dated as approved


We are not responsible for checking or correcting the files supplied. This means we can print your file in the fastest time possible. Projectprint Group will not accept errors caused by incorrectly setup/supplied files.

If you have any questions contact us and we will be only too happy to help.

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