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Plastic Gift Cards are a must-have marketing tool for almost any type of retail business. 

The design options for Plastic Gift Cards are almost endless with a range of specialised materials including clear and frosted plastic as well as exciting print finishes such as Metallic Foiling and UV Spot Gloss to make your Gift Cards truly unique.

We know that a well designed and marketed Gift Card Package will be an effective way to boost your business. So order your Plastic Gift Cards today and start reaping the benefits now!

Plastic Gift Cards


July Sale

  • Size: 85.5mm x 54mm with round corners (Credit Card size)

    PVC Plastic 0.76mm (Credit Card thickness)

    Printing CMYK 2 sides with a gloss finish

    Optional features if required are Barcode, Black Numbering, or QR Code on a white background and Transparent Writing panel

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