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How to pick the best Calendar for your business.

Calendars can be personalised with captivating images or inspiring quotes, adding a touch of personality to your space. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or want to stay organised, calendars offer incredible value for money that continues to give throughout the year.

The first consideration in selecting a calendar to give to your clients is the calendar type and how your clients will use it. Do you expect them to put the calendar on a fridge, wall or desktop?

Fridge Calendars

- Fridge calendars need to have an image and a large enough calendar to read and at least circle the dates. Size is essential to add Emergency Service Numbers, Logos, Company Details, School and Public Holidays. DL 210mm x 99mm and A5 210mm x 148mm are the most common sizes. These calendars can be printed on an artboard with a magnet on the back or a magnet stock printed on the front only, commonly used by Councils, Politicians, Chemists and Retailers. Costs are in the lower range of options.

Wall Calendars

- Wall Calendars offer much more flexibility and come in many sizes. Sizes suitable for economical mailing allow room for a featured image, single or multiple pages or extra large to wow and be a feature on any wall. Sizes usually range from A4 up to Poster size. Binding can vary from booklet form to wiro bound at the top or middle.

Multipage calendars should have great images that relate to your products and the time of year and still grab the viewers' interest and imagination. For example, suppose you sell parts for 4WD and off-road vehicles. In that case, pictures of cars using your products in different locations and times of year will be far more exciting and sought after year after year by customers than a calendar containing page after page of your products.

How to pick the best Calendar for your business
Great interesting pictures relevant to month of the year and clients products

Wall Calendars usually have space to write on in each day square, should note Public Holidays, Events such as Mother's Day, and perhaps school holidays, and be a practical daily tool for the user. A good guide is if you would not hang the calendar in your office, don't produce it.

Wall calendars suit most applications and work well for all types of Businesses, Sports Clubs, Fundraising, Specific Interest Groups, and Service companies. Costs are in the higher range of options.

Desk Calendars

- Desk Calendars usually come as tent cards, flip calendars or desk pads. They need careful consideration of how many people will make room on their desk for a calendar unless it is exceptional. Each page and image should be simply stunning or personalised with their name.

Desk Calendars

Wiro Bound Desk calendar

These calendars are a designer's paradise as all sorts of stocks (papers) can be used with all types of print. Every page can be different and wiro bound into something unique and special. Make sure you discuss this with your printer early in the design process.

Tent Calendars

Tent calendars are at the cheaper cost scale, usually printed on one side on a thick artboard and supplied flat for easy mailing or distribution. They commonly have a picture, your company details, logo and a calendar, maybe even include a list of public and or school holidays along the bottom.

Flip desk top calendars are commonly DL 210mm W x 99mm H or A5 210mm W x 148mm H and one month per page. Pages are often printed on two sides, containing a monthly calendar and your details. One side and a nice image on the other side. They are usually wiro bound at head with an unprinted ridged card backing that allows the calendar to stand shabbily on the desktop yet fold down so the product can still be mailed out cost-efficiently. An attractive front cover image with a laminate or a clear acetate cover sheet can be added. Costs vary from economical to top range at which point some fantastic products can be produced.

All businesses should seriously consider producing a calendar once a year with a feature that is useful for the user. Calendars remain helpful for 12 months and are one of the cheapest advertising mediums that will keep the business name in front of the customer for an entire year without further action.

Projectprint Group produce an excellent range of custom-quality calendars to suit most corporate needs.

They will help source suitable images and work with the designer or business to produce a unique and extraordinary calendar.



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